1 million gallons of sewage waste enters Cannon River near Northfield

Residents downstream from Northfield are told to avoid the water

Sloane Martin
July 04, 2018 - 8:40 am

Northfield city officials are warning residents to avoid contact with Cannon River water downstream of the city through 6 a.m. Friday morning after 1 million gallons of treated and untreated sewer waste from the local treatment plant leaked because of a broken PVC pipe in the system.

Dakota and Goodhue County residents should also be on alert, as officials determine if there are any public health concerns or restrictions.

The leakage happened in the overnight hours Tuesday. During that time, the discharge was less than one percent of the river flow.

City staff has been continuously working to contain the discharge. Officials say the system as a whole is functioning.

The cause of the breakdown is being evaluated.

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