100 year old karaoke singer dazzles the crowd at the Minnesota State Fair.

Susie Jones
August 27, 2018 - 3:43 pm

Hundreds of people packed into the beer garden at the Minnesota State Fair Monday to hear 100 year old Tony Nienow sing karaoke.

"It makes me feel good to go out and sing," he said.

Sitting in a chair with his two daughters, Nienow was still trying to figure out which song to sing. In the end he settled on "Old Lonesome Me" written by Don Gibson. 

Nienow was born in January 1918 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  His real name is Elmer, but when he was 16, he was working at a job with three other Elmers, so the boss decided to call him Tony and it stuck. He has five children. His wife died in 2002.  Nienow attributes his long life to living well.

"I can't believe I made it this long," he said, adding that he's never smoked and rarely drinks.

Nienow comes to the Minnesota State Fair every year and is always the first to sing karaoke at the beer garden. "I may not sing the best, but I love it."




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