$146,557 raised for Fraser at 'Pulling Together'

Plus, a WCCO Radio tug-of-war win

Sloane Martin
September 08, 2018 - 4:29 pm

The WCCO-TV Pulling Together fundraiser officially raised $146,557 for Fraser Minnesota.

The annual tug-of-war pitted teams on both sides of the river. In the first competition, the Minneapolis Fire Department with Mayor Jacob Frey beat St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and his city's fire department.

WCCO Radio came out on top over the St. Paul Saints to give Minneapolis another notch in the win column.

"The Saints were talking smack," WCCO afternoon host Paul Douglas joked. "They're in the playoffs, they're feeling pretty cocky, as they should, but they tried to intimidate us. At the end of the day, we had the weather in our favor -- the low dew points, the gentle breeze, the bright sunshine -- and a few hundred extra pounds. And that made all the difference."

Of course the real winner is Fraser which serves more than 10,000 children and families offering autism and early childhood mental health services.

"The exposure is wonderful," Fraser Assistant Director of Clinical Operations Debbie Davidson said. "Fraser has been around for a long time helping the autistic community, those kiddos and adults with other challenges. We have seven clinics across the state. We also do a lot of housing. The exposure and donations raised help keep Fraser going. Our goal is to provide services of 35-35, which means have a kiddo be able to get treatment within either 35 minutes or 35 miles."

The tug of war competition was followed by a check presentation and a performance from Lonesome Losers.