19 positive COVID-19 cases at Worthington pork plant

Adam Carter
April 17, 2020 - 3:52 pm

19 workers at a pork processing plant in Worthington, Minnesota have COVID-19.  That was reported today by the union that represents employees there. The JBS pork plant in Worthington is the latest such facility that has become a hot-spot of Coronavirus cases. Governor Walz addressed the situation during his news conference today.

"We have put a team down there," Walz said. "The Department of Health, Agriculture, Labor Industry are working with the plant and local officials to set up testing that ensures safe conditions across the community. There are about 2000 workers in this site down in Worthington and it is a foundational piece of economic activity."

The Governor says the company is doing a good job of managing the situation, but the union is calling on JBS to slow production speeds to allow for more social distancing on the lines to keep workers safe.

This news of the JSB pork plant outbreak follows the closure earlier this week of the Smithfield pork plant in Sioux Falls, SD. The South Dakota plant had between 80 and 120 workers test positive for coronavirus. The plant outbreak accounts for almost 30% of Minnehaha Counties' total cases. 






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