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Airlines consider weighing passengers before boarding

Passengers would step on a pressure pad scale with the airline getting the data

April 24, 2019 - 3:55 pm

A new cost-cutting method from airlines could be to start weighing all passengers before they board a flight.  British-based Fuel Matrix is currently discussing the practice with airlines in an attempt to have more 'accurate calculations.

Airlines currently use estimates to determine how much fuel will be required for each flight based on the number of men, women, and children on board. All that extra weight causes the plane to burn more fuel, costing the companies and adding to carbon emissions.

The discreet weighings could take place in a number of spots inside the airport, including as passengers check in or leave their luggage at self-service bag drops or it could happen as they pass through security scanners.  The idea would be to ask passengers to step on a pressure pad scale, with the data confidentially transmitted back to the airline. 

Similar practices have already been introduced. In 2017, Finnair began to gather data on passenger weights whereby passengers hopped on a scale at Helsinki airport before boarding. And in 2015, Uzbekistan Airways announced that it would weigh passengers at departure check-in as part of its ‘flight safety ‘ policy.

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