School administrators finding "creative" ways to make up snow days

Parents aren't the only ones pulling their hair out with yet another day off of school

Laura Oakes
February 20, 2019 - 2:13 pm

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While the kids may be happy, the last thing local school officials wantec today is yet another snow day.

Executive Director of the Minnesota School Administrators Association Gary Amoroso says this winter has been a doozy.

"This is my 42nd year in education and I've never seen a winter like this," said Amoroso, whose office also closed today due to the snow.

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Amoroso says administrators are having to get creative in order to meet the required number of hours of instruction.

"Adding minutes to each day. I know that we had some districts go to school this past Monday on President's Day. I know we've got districts considering changing professional development days with staff to student instruction days. I know there are districts that are looking at extending the school year later into June."

Amoroso says some districts are even holding "online school."

"You can have in your calendar up to five "e-learning" days, which allows a district to have students do their work through technology. I know a number of districts that do that and are pleased with it, but that doesn't exist in all districts."

And, Amoroso points out, we're still in February. There's still all of March, which has a history of being quite snowy, and April, which, judging by last year's 20 inches of snow, can pose just as much of a challenge.



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