Twins, Indians deal with coronavirus concerns

Friday game went on after Cardinals' positive tests

August 01, 2020 - 6:23 am
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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) The Twins beat the Indians 4-1 Friday night in a game that was in peril of postponement following coronavirus concerns.

St. Louis had two players test positive on Friday after playing two games in Minnesota earlier in the week. The teams went through rapid testing and the visiting clubhouse underwent another round of cleaning before the determination was made at 3:30 p.m. Central to keep Friday's game as scheduled.

The Twins tried to ease the concerns of the Indians over the cleaning procedures for the visiting clubhouse. Both teams heard of the positive tests for St. Louis in the morning and started protocols for testing. Derek Falvey, Minnesota's chief baseball officer who had previously been in the Cleveland organization, also reached out to the Indians with the cleaning logs for the visiting clubhouse.

''What we did was we gathered all the cleaning, the actual schedule of our cleaning,'' Falvey said before the game. ''Exactly what we did for each day for the Cardinals series, up and through, really, last night and what had been done at each juncture, and gave them that log, and getting down to the detail of what was sprayed, what kind of products were used, how it was wiped down, all of those things, just to make sure they felt they had complete information. I would like the same if we were on the road and we were dealing with the same problem.''


Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association jointly announced today the latest COVID-19 testing results under MLB’s COVID-19 Health Monitoring & Testing Plan, through the end of Thursday, July 30:


Covered Individuals are now in Monitoring Testing. To date, the results of Monitoring Testing are as follows:

  • The number of monitoring samples collected and tested in the past week was 11,895.
  • 29 of these 11,895 samples, which is 0.2%, have been new positives.
  • 20 positives were players and 9 were staff members.
  • 21 of the 29 positives were from a single MLB Club; the remaining 29 Clubs had 8 positives (2 Major League players, 1 Alternate Site player, and 5 staff).
  • The total number of monitoring samples collected and tested has been 40,783.
  • 58 of these 40,783 samples, which is 0.1%, have been new positives.
  • 42 of the 58 positives have been players and 16 have been staff members.
  • 19 different Clubs have had a Covered Individual test positive during Monitoring Testing.


Combining the totals of previously completed Intake Screening and ongoing Monitoring Testing, the results are as follows:

  • The total number of new positive tests is 128, which is 0.3% of the 44,535 samples since the beginning of Intake Screening on June 27.
  • Among the 128 positives, 104 have been players and 24 have been staff members.
  • 28 different Clubs have had a Covered Individual test positive in Intake Screening or during Monitoring Testing.
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