Attorney Eskrine McDaniel shares his thoughts on the death of George Floyd

Henry Lake
June 03, 2020 - 7:19 pm

    Attorney Erskine McDaniel joined Henry Lake on WCCO Radio to discuss his thoughts on the tragic death of George Floyd and to share his condolences with the family of Floyd. 

    McDaniel was born and raised in Minnesota and said that watching the protests was surreal. McDaniel is a practicing attorney and now a resident of Houston, Texas. 

    “I wasn't necessarily that surprised about some of the factors that had led to some of the unrest that we did see,” McDaniel said when asked about the events leading up to the protests.

    When McDaniel had spent some time in Europe he felt for the first time in his life that he was an American. He shared with Lake how in America it doesn't matter where you are from you are either Black or White. But after spending time outside of the states he realized how this is harmful. 

    He spoke on how when we group people into these two different categories we deny the ability to see one another's cultures. 

    McDaniel brought attention to the diversity that is in the city of Minneapolis. He compares this to other places in the country and spoke about the positives of living in the city. 

    “As separate as some of the communities can be, I don't think you have just a sectioning off that you see in other cities,” McDaniel said. 

    Although we can be welcoming, he mentions how he wants those in Minnesota to expand their networks by at least two people so that they can understand what others are going through. McDaniel sees a chance for the state of Minnesota to come out of this the other side better than before. 

    “As bad as this may seem this is something that we are gonna get through.,” McDaniel said, “and I think we are gonna be better on the other side of this.” 

    Hear all of McDaniel and Lake's interview here.


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