Back to school for kids at Washburn HS

Officials say they know who made the threat that led to one-day closing

Al Schoch
June 01, 2018 - 6:23 am
Washburn school reopens

Class resumed Monday at Minneapolis Washburn High School, which was closed Friday after a threat was received at the building on West 49th Street.

Officials still have not said exactly what the threat was.

In an update to families, school administrators said they don't know yet if the threat is credible, but they know who is involved and will follow district disciplinary procedures as necessary. 

One school official says the decision to call off classes came because there was not enough time to complete an investigation.  

"The decision was made upon the totality of circumstances and information they have, or information they don't have," said MPD's John Elder.

"That sort of decision is made at the school district level."

In a message posted on the Washburn website, the school closing was called "unusual" and done to ensure the safety of staff and students at the school.

Washburn officials and the Minneapolis police department are working together to look into the threat.

"What the next steps are, I'm not exactly sure," said Elder.

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