Beers with Blois: Bakk and Daudt on how a budget deal can come together

Blois Olson
May 15, 2019 - 4:06 pm

In the third episode of Blois Olson sits down with Sen. Min. Leader Tom Bakk and House Min. Leader Kurt Daudt who are on the outside looking in for the final budget negotiations at the Capitol. 

As Gov Tim Walz, Speaker Melissa Hortman and Sen. Maj. Leader Paul Gazelka negotiate, the two players in the past two budgets lay out how a deal might come together and the strategy of negotiation.

Daudt says that the silence, lack of public statements and news conferences, means there’s a willingness to find a deal.

“There is a point, and we’ve been there more than anybody in the Capitol. There is a point where you stop working and positioning against each other and decide you want to get it done and get out of here.  We haven’t seen that yet,” Daudt said.

Meanwhile, Sen. Bakk has offered Gazelka DFL votes for a compromise budget.

“After the opioid vote I want to Sen Gazelka and said if you and the Governor get to a point where you agree but you don’t have 34 votes, I’ll be willing to help,” Bakk said.

Here more, including what are the hot issues of the 2020 election when each of these leaders is trying to reclaim the majority and about the time they asked Governor Mark Dayton to leave the room so they could find a budget deal.

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