Listen to Blasey Ford tell Sen Amy Klobuchar what she remembers from that night 

"The multiple attempts to escape and the final ability to do so."

Laura Oakes
September 27, 2018 - 2:44 pm

(Photo by Melina Mara/Pool/Sipa USA)

Minnesota U-S Senator Amy Klobuchar is among the members of the Judiciary Committee questioning Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in Washington D-C Wenesday.

Klobuchar asked Blasey Ford to outline what she remembered about the night of an alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh.

"Many people are focused today on what you're not able to remember about that night. I actually think you remember a lot. I'm going to phrase it a little differently. Can you tell us what you don't forget about that night?"

Blasey Ford responded:

"The stairwell. The living room. The bedroom. The bed on the right side of the room — as you walk into the room, there was a bed to the right. The bathroom in close proximity. The laughter. The uproarious laughter. And the multiple attempts to escape and the final ability to do so."

Listen to the exchange here:

Blasey Ford testified she is 100-percent sure her perpetrator was Judge Kavanaugh. He will testify before the committee later today, and we will also post audio from that testimony. 

Listen to Amy Klobuchar questioning of Ford here: