Blois Olson: Fischbach on Pawlenty's running mate short list

Pawlenty would neither confirm nor deny when asked by Chad Hartman

The Chad Hartman Show
May 25, 2018 - 3:42 pm

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There may be more to Michele Fischbach's decision to give up her Senate seat.  

WCCO Radio's Blois Olson says he's been told Fischbach is on Tim Pawlenty's short list of possible running mates, as Pawlenty attempts to get his old job back.

Olson also noted that her husband, Scott Fischbach, is executive director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, one of the most influential pro-life organizations in the state. 

Pawlenty was on with WCCO's Chad Hartman Friday, and was asked directly if he's picked Fischbach as a running mate.

"I have no lieutenant governor announcement for you today, but we'll have some announcement on that front in the coming days or weeks," Pawlenty said.

Hartman followed up.

"You know that's a classic non-denial."

But Pawlenty wasn't biting.

"Yes I do, and so do you.  But that's the best we can do for today, my friend."

Fischbach's took a similar "non-denial" approach when asked about joining Pawlenty's ticket by the Star Tribune. 

There’s lots of things that go on out there, and right now I’m here to talk about my 22 years of service and becoming lieutenant governor,” Fischbach told the Stribe. “If there’s questions about that, there may be other folks you’ll want to ask.”

Carol Molnau, who served as Pawlenty's lieutenant governor during his two terms, has come out in support of Pawlenty's Republican opponent, Jeff Johnson.

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