Blois Olson: Keith Ellison may enter state Attorney General race

Hatch files for another AG term

The WCCO Morning News with Dave Lee
June 05, 2018 - 6:54 am
Keith Ellison

Former Minnesota attorney general Mike Hatch is the latest to enter the campaign for his old office, and there may be another big name added to the list before the Tuesday 5 p.m. deadline.

WCCO political analyst Blois Olson, appearing on The Morning News with Dave Lee, said it appears 5th District Congressman Keith Ellison is ready to enter the same race.

This comes after Monday's announcement that three-term Attorney General Lori Swanson is running for governor, with Congressman Rick Nolan as her running mate.

Hatch filed papers with the Minnesota Secretary of State's office in St. Paul. 

"Keith Ellison is all but in to jumping in to run for attorney general, which opens up a congressional seat," said Olson. "If that happens, then you're going to see kind of a bunch of people run for congress."

Among the names Olson threw out: state Senator Patricia Torres Ray, state Representative Ilan Omar, state Representative Debra Hilstrom, and former House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher. 

Their possible entry into the race would open up legislative seats, and leading to more people filing for candidacy.

Olson said the addition of Hatch would "just add to the drama and the personalities on the ballot," said Olson.

Minneapolis attorney Matt Pelikan got the Democratic party nod for AG by acclimation when Swason abruptly bowed out of the endorsement process following one round of voting at the party's convention in Rochester on June 2.

Republicans endorsed Doug Wardlow for the post in their convention in Duluth.