Brown County man charged with murder in wife's meth overdose death

Johnson says she asked for the 'death party' where they listened to metal and took meth

Sloane Martin
March 13, 2019 - 7:10 am

Brown County Sheriff


A rural Brown County man is now charged with the murder in the death of his wife after police discovered a meth- and metal-filled "death party."

Duane Arden Johnson, 58, has been in the county jail since Jan. 24 in the death of 69-year-old Debra Johnson on a charge of criminal neglect. 

The third-degree murder charge was added Monday, according to the Mankato Free Press. Debra Johnson's cause of death was a methamphetamine overdose.

The Brown County Sheriff's Office says Duane Johnson answered the door naked with the words "death, God, hell" painted on the door. Debra Johnson was found warm to the touch and wrapped in a sheet.

The Searles man told police he took his wife from her nursing home according to her wishes to die at home. The paper reports that leading up to her death, Debra Johnson stopped taking her medications. He told police the couple ingested meth, had sex and listened to the Quiet Riot album Metal Health.

She soon stopped eating and drinking and started convulsing, according to his statement to police. The Free Press reports he was allegedly in possession of six stolen guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.