Community comes together to clean up a devastated Wendy's location

Mark Freie
June 03, 2020 - 4:09 pm

A building manager for Wendys in the Twin Cities, Duke Hanson, said he was grateful about the unexpected clean up of the Wendys on E Lake St. that was burned down during riots last week. 

Hanson is in charge of 53 different stores throughout the Twin Cities, several of which were damaged. Now, signs of progress are being seen.

“The building is completely cleaned out,” Hanson said, “everything is piled up professionally” 

Hanson, who lives in Wisconsin, said he was very touched to see the efforts and kindness that the  community showed by cleaning up the building. Hanson did not know who had contributed to cleaning up the restaurant so to show his gratitude he left a sign hanging in the building thanking the community for their support and help. 

“It's phenomenal that the neighbors come together to clean these sites up and try to get the community back,” Hanson said.

The same Wendys has been on lake street for 30 plus years and had just been remodeled within the last year. Hanson is ready to get the building put back together and is touched to see all of the efforts to rebuild the community.  

“I see the community support in this area and it's nice to see” Hanson said, “this neighborhood I believe will come back and it will be stronger.” 


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