Hartman: Naive to say that the high school Trump banner wasn’t a 'shot at people of color'

He said the context in which the Trump banners have appeared has been telling.

The Chad Hartman Show
January 21, 2019 - 2:08 pm

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The Minnesota high school whose fans stirred up controversy by displaying a banner in support of president Trump during a game against a Minneapolis team pulled out of a boys basketball tournament taking place in Minneapolis on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

WCCO Radio’s Chad Hartman addressed the decision by Jordan High School, whose students are primarily white, at the top of his show. He made the point that similar Trump banners have been showing up at high school games since the president first ran for office.

“It’s popped up when it's primarily at a school where it's made up of more whites than people of color and then a team comes and there's greater diversity,” he said. “And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there's a flag either for the president or for candidate Trump.”

Hartman believes that political banners of either party don’t belong in high school sports.  He said the context in which the Trump banners have appeared has been telling.

“You may love the president. You may have disdain for the president, but this is happening and to act like this hasn't been a bit of a direct, physical or mental or visual shot at people of color who are coming to these arenas—to me is rather naive to suggest that,” he said.

Hartman interviewed the head coach of boys' basketball at Minneapolis North, Larry McKenzie, who said the Jordan team had missed an opportunity for a teachable moment by skipping the game.

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*Note: The photo pictured above is from a Trump rally, not a basketball game. 

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