Chad Hartman on the Keith Ellison divorce files: 'It's none of our bleeping business'

WCCO TV anchor Jason DeRusha added that "There is really nothing there"

Chad Hartman
October 17, 2018 - 3:30 pm

(Photo by Renee Jones Schneider/Minneapolis Star Tribune/TNS/Sipa USA)

Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison's divorce papers were released today, and WCCO Radio host Chad Hartman said that at first glance, they didn't contain anything of public interest.

"It feels like you're ducking into their house when this is going on and it's none of our bleeping business," he said during his afternoon show.

The papers, which were released after a request by a conservative news outlet and The Star Tribune, showed no allegations of abuse against Ellison during his marriage to his now ex-wife Kim. That question had been the focus of the inquiry  following allegations made against Ellison by his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan.

In Hartman's view, a judge should have reviewed the documents to determine if there was anything germane to that question, "but everything else should be none of anybody's business."

The documents did show that Keith Ellison had accused Kim Ellison of repeatedly hitting him throughout their marriage, before it ended in 2012. At the time, Kim had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was dealing with depression.

Congressman Ellison responded to the release of the information with a statement saying, "I am extremely disappointed that the court has gone back on its agreement to seal the divorce file, agreeing to open it at the request of a far right propaganda outlet with a history of racism and religious bigotry."

He also said that Kim is a wonderful person, and that he wished that he would have been more sensitive to her illness.

WCCO Radio reporter Susie Jones, who joined the conversation on Hartman's show, said the sections dealing with Kim's struggles were difficult for her to go through. She felt like much of it wasn't newsworthy or worth making public.

"It makes me kind of want to throw up," she said.

Later, Jones added. "Sometimes politics gets so ugly and I feel like this is this is particularly vile."

WCCO TV anchor Jason DeRusha joined the conversation, and said that since there were no allegations against Keith Ellison, who was the candidate, it was "challenging" to find anything else newsworthy. He said that it was enough for news outlets to say they'd gone through it, and there was nothing to either support or refute Karen Monahan's accusations.

"But there's really nothing here, and there essentially is nothing there, as far as I know from what I read," he said.

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