Chad Hartman on Mississippi politician who denied access to female reporter: 'It's insulting and sexist'

"I think it's bizarre that this is still taking place right now."

The Chad Hartman Show
July 11, 2019 - 3:18 pm

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830 WCCO host Chad Hartman has a straight forward message for Robert Foster, the Mississippi gubernatorial candidate who refused to grant a female reporter access for a ride along and one-v-one interview unless she brought a male college with her. 

"If you don't believe that you should be in a room with (someone from) the opposite gender who just happens to be doing her job, then to me, you're not qualified for the job," Hartman said during his noon-3 p.m. show. 

Hartman want on to say that the reporter, Larrison Campbell of the news site Mississippi Today is a proven journalist who had previously covered Foster, a state rep. 

"I find it insulting and sexist. She's a reporter. They both have pointed out that they've dealt with each other for a long time, even before this race," Hartman said.  

Several listeners texted to defend Foster. Hartman said he hopes voters factor in Foster's decision when they cast their ballots. 

"I think it's bizarre that this is still taking place right now," he said. 

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