Chad Hartman: Trump's tweet was racist 'without question'

"These are racist comments without question, without a shred of a doubt."

The Chad Hartman Show
July 15, 2019 - 1:34 pm

There has been a debate about whether the media has been too reluctant to use the word "racist" in describing President Donald Trump's weekend tweet attacking progressive democratic congress representatives, but 830 News Talk host Chad Hartman showed no such hesitation. 

"These are racist comments without question, without a shred of a doubt. And by the way, they're breathtaking and they should surprise no one," Hartman said at the top of his noon to three show

As for those who agreed with the tweet, Hartman was similarly direct. "Maybe it's time to look in your soul yourself," he said. 

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In the tweet, the president said that the freshman congressional representatives, nicknamed the "squad" should "go back" to their native countries, even though three out of the four were born in the United States, with Minnesota rep Ilhan Omar being the one exception.  

Hartman said that he had repeatedly been critical of Omar in the past—for antisemitism and running from the media—and that  valid questions had been raised about marriage and tax history, but that she had as much right to an opinion as the president or anyone else. 

"Ilhan Omar is a U.S. citizen just like I am... how far do we go back by the way, and decide are you American enough?" 

Listen to his take here:

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