State Patrol investigating 13th work zone fatality this year

Susie Jones
October 03, 2018 - 6:07 pm
Police Sirens



A 59 year old road construction worker is dead after a crash on Interstate 94.

It happened Tuesday in the construction zone on Interstate 94 near Rogers when a tractor trailer rear ended a pick up that was slowing for traffic. 

Minnesota State Patrol Lieutenant Tiffany Nielson says it's a sad reminder about the dangers of driving in work zones.

"We're basically driving through their office every day," said Nielson.

She says driving through work zones requires extra attention.

"We need to drive in an attentive manner, put distractions away, follow the speed limits posted or drive less than that if conditions are not ideal," said Nielson.

59 year old Vernon Hedquist of Pillager was killed.  

Nielson says he is the 13th person to die in a crash in a work zone, which puts this year’s death toll way above average for a full year and the most since 17 deaths were reported in 2007.