Snow storm means lost weekend for many Twin Cities businesses

Unrelenting winter hurting bottom lines

Sloane Martin
March 08, 2019 - 2:58 pm
Cake Plus Size Resale

Darin Kamnetz courtesy of Cake Plus-Size Resale


The coming snowstorm is a hassle for those waiting on spring, but for some businesses, it's hurting the bottom line. 

Cat Polivoda is owner of Cake Plus-Size Resale clothing shop in Minneapolis.  She says not many people are out shopping during a snowstorm.

"Last Friday was horrible. And then now this weekend, I don't anticipate to see many people at all on Saturday and Sunday.  Which is good! It's like stay home, be safe, you know I don't need you to come shop when it's dangerous. But, man, it really just adds up when it's like week after week after week, losing a day or two."

 She says two-thirds of her sales are on weekends, so she says she's likely looking at a lost weekend. 

Polivoda says her online sales are helping her survive this winter.  

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