Cory Hepola: Climate change is extreme and it is real—just look at Minnesota

Temperatures in Minnesota have increased more than two degrees since 2000.

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August 02, 2019 - 10:59 am

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This past month — July, 2019 — was the hottest ever recorded, and you don't need to look far from home to see the reality of climate change.

 "Climate change is real, it's happening. Just look at us in Minnesota," 830 WCCO host Cory Hepola said at the top of his 9-noon show. 

Hepola, who is scheduled to interview former Vice President Al Gore on Friday afternoon, ran through a few facts:

  • Temperatures in Minnesota have increased more than two degrees since 2000.
  • Minnesota has experienced seven out of its 10 warmest years on record within the past 19 years.
  • Minneapolis and Mankato are two of the three fastest warming cities in the US for winter temperatures.

Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence supporting the reality of climate change, Hepola argued that deniers were helped by the fact that the phenomenon was poorly branded from the start as "Global Warming." The problem: while temperatures are generally rising, climate change can cause other extreme variations as well, including cold snaps or periods of heavy rain. 

"Right now here in Minnesota, we are in the wettest four year stretch in our state's history ever. Climate change is extremes. It is real," Hepola said. 

The interview with Al Gore will be broadcast during Hepola's show on Monday on 830 AM, and will be streamed here

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