Hepola: Media was 'irresponsible' to use names of Gopher wrestlers accused of criminal sexual misconduct

"It's going to be there forever."

Hey, it's Cory Hepola
June 18, 2019 - 2:26 pm

The media was wrong to use the names of two University of Minnesota wrestlers who arrested on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct, but then released without charges Tuesday morning, says 830 WCCO News Talk Host Cory Hepola. 

Hepola said that while the alleged victim needs to be heard and was courageous to come forward, it was premature for the media to publish the names of the accused before prosecutors determined if there was enough evidence to press charges. 

"I think it's a little irresponsible to come up and throw names on people," he said. 

Hepola noted that since the wrestlers' names had been published across the media (including on WCCO Radio) the case would live on in Google searches of their names, whatever its eventual outcome. 

"It's going to be there forever. And when they go for a job interview, when they get married, when they have kids, it's going to pop up and they're going to have to explain. They're already guilty to 95% of the people out there," he said. 

Hepola also stressed that he believes students should be taught the meaning of consent from an early age. "We need to teach kids and drill it in junior high, high school, college, all the time. These are discussions you need to be having before you get intimate," he said. 

Hepola begun speaking before the wresters were released without charges, but news of that development broke as he finished the segment. "Well that just kind of backs up the point, right? Except now people are going to be like, 'Well aren't those the two guys that did that?' But they haven't been charged with anything. We just don't know," he said. 

Listen to the full segment here: 

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