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Three more years for Twins radio crew

Cory Provous, Dan Gladden will be back on WCCO

August 27, 2018 - 10:03 am

After six years together annoucing Twins games on the radio, Cory Provous and,Dan Gladden areready for a few more.

The Twins revealed Monday that their on-air team agreed to three-year contract extensions on the Treasure Island Baseball Network and the flagship station, WCCO.

Provous is completing his sixth year as the Twins' lead radio play-by-play guy, while Gladden is in his 20th season calling games.

"We have fun," said Provous, he and Gladden visiting with WCCO's John Hines at the Minnesota State Fair. "We love the team to win, but we try to hit three things every day, every night: inform, educate and entertain. Win or lose, if we do all three things, then I'm quite happy with the job we did."

Provous joined the Twins broadcast team in 2012 after doing play-by-play for the Brewers alongside Hall of Famer Bob Uecker. He was also studio host for Chicago Cubs games, and has done college football and basketball on both radio and TV.

For Gladden, it was straight from the field to the broadcast booth.

"I thought I had the best job when they paid me to play baseball," said Gladden, who showed up at the WCCO state fair booth a few minutes after Provous and Hines began chatting.

"I don't want you to think I'm late, either, because I am not," he said. "I've been here enjoying the fair, walking around. I didn't get the luxury of getting a private driver to drive me here."

"Check your contract!" shouted Provous, making their Morning Show visit sound a little like the radio team's back-and-fourth while the Twins take their swings.

The Twins returned to WCCO radio in 2018 after an 11-year absence. WCCO had been the Twins' flagship radio station from the time the franchise moved from Washington to Minnesota, through the 2006 season.

Here's another fact about Cory and the Dazzleman: Both were born on July 7. And a bonus fact: the man Provus replaced, John Gordon, was also born on July 7.

How about that?




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