Dakota Co. Woman Arrested After Dozens of Animals Found Dead

Caycee Bregel runs Minnesota Animal Rescue

Sloane Martin
May 11, 2018 - 3:09 pm

More than 100 dead and live animals have been removed from a rural rescue shelter near Farmington — and the operator was arrested.

Caycee Bregel, 25, of Castle Rock Township, runs Minnesota Animal Rescue. The Dakota County Attorney's office says Bregel "will not be charged today (Friday)" and she has been released from custody.

Senior investigator Keith Streff of the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley says it's a scene he's come across far too often.

“We did execute a search warrant and removed more than 40 live animals and more than 60 dead animals,” Streff said.

Streff says the animals’ bodies were found shallow graves, an unattached garage, a freezer and a refrigerator. Streff says they’re investigating if Bregel operated the shelter legally.

“She’s in a rural area outside the city limits of Farmington so it’s unlikely that there was any municipal ordinance that would regulate,” he said.

The dead animals mostly consisted of cats but also included five dogs, a rabbit and a hamster. Investigators say they are not aware of any complaints against Bregel, but got a tip that she was hosting more animals than she was able to maintain after a pig got loose.

Bregel is cooperating with authorities and said she did not live there at the time. The case remains under investigation. The Animal Humane Society is taking care of the animals.