Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl’s Top 5 Bar Cookie Recipes

They're not just for the church basement anymore

Off The Menu with Dara Grumdahl
November 16, 2018 - 3:34 pm

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In honor of the fact that we’re heading in to high cookie season, and because we have Rick Nelson and Lee Svitak Dean on the show this week with their Star Tribune cookie contest book, I had to do a round up of my top five bar cookies—because I know you all are busy, and we need to get some cookies done. That’s the great thing about bars! Not too hard, lots of flavor. What are the best? How about these:

Star Tribune Almond Triangles 
Of course we needed a Star Tribune cookie contest winner in the mix, and I love these winners from 2009. They’re so full of almonds they’re practically an energy bar, so I think that makes them good for breakfast!

Old-School Original Seven Layer Bars
I didn’t think I could do a bar round-up without tipping my hat to the Original Greatest of All Time bar—seven layers, and made in a jiffy. I seriously think I have never been in a church basement and not seen these on a dinner plate stacked in a spiraling pyramid. Never ever. 

Extremely Fancy and Good Brown Butter Cocoa Brownies
I’m very in to brown butter right now. The nutty flavor just kind of thrills me, and I know you wanted a super-chocolatey option, so here we are! You could use pecans instead of walnuts if you’re a pecan person—I could go either way. 

Lemon Bars 
Lemon bars are obviously one of the greatest bars—you can make Meyer lemon bars if your grocery store has them, or even tangerine bars if you’re not in a lemon mood. I like lemon!

Butterscotch Bars 
The last of the major food groups after lemon and chocolate has got to be butterscotch... that thing you get fusing brown sugar, vanilla, and cream. Fine Cooking has a delicious and elaborate butterscotch bars recipe. You could even add a tablespoon of scotch or rye if you want to go old school.