Dara Grumdahl slams the Impossible Burger 'There is no greater lie in mainstream media'

The restaurant critic calls "Fake News" on vegetarians

The Chad Hartman Show
January 10, 2019 - 3:57 pm

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The Impossible Burger, a vegetarian burger that "bleeds" has grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years, including in the Twin Cities where several local restaurants now carry it. Now, the company that makes it, Impossible Foods, is preparing to launch an updated version, Impossible Burger 2.0.

But Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl,  host of WCCO Radio's Off the Menu" (on Saturday mornings) and a restaurant critic at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, thinks the original creation has been overhyped. 

"There is no greater lie in mainstream media then the constant vegetarians coming out going, it tastes just like it tastes. Just like beef. It's identical to beef," she told WCCO Radio's Chad Hartman. 

Grumdahl continued: "It tastes like a bad cafeteria burger. So in that sense it tastes like beef. If you're like, 'Oh, I was in a prison and it tasted kind of like that', I'd be like, 'Yeah, it does. It tastes like a terrible burger.'"

She thinks that generally, vegetarian advocates have put out too much sensationalist information about the negative impact of meat.  As an example, she said that rice farming actually generates more methane, a greenhouse gas, than cow farming.  

"We should not allow them to perpetuate a lot of the fake news that they're perpetuating," she said. 

Listen to her full rant here:


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