Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl's Top 5 Door County Cherry Recipes

They're in....here are Dara's perfect last-summer recipes

Off The Menu with Dara Grumdahl
August 08, 2019 - 8:20 pm

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Get down to the co-ops or the farmer’s markets, the Door County, Wisconsin cherries are in! I have some cherry facts for you: Ten percent of the cherries commercially harvested in American come from Door County, more than ten million pounds, from 270,000 trees. The average pie holds 250 cherries. One of the treats of the year. But what can you do with them? I have five ideas.

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The Best Cherry Pie
I wish there was a way to do cherry pie without starch, but I’ve never figured that out, I suspect it can’t be done. The best way to do a cherries-only pie is with tapioca starch, and it has to be cassava-tapioca, no one really knows why. Bob’s Red Mill makes some. And Serious Eats has the best recipe that brings it all down to basics! 

Cherry custard tart with sliced almonds
If pure cherry pie isn’t your favorite, I really think you should consider the combination of cherry and almond, it’s just a magical and wonderful thing. And I like custard, and so I think that if you’re looking for something rich to celebrate with, this is the best.

Cherry Clafoutis
Baking cherries in a simple eggy batter is my all time favorite easy way to turn summer cherries into a dinner-party worthy showstopper. The French are so smart about easy living.

Savory Cherry Sauce for Pork, Duck, or Turkey
Start with shallots, add vinegar, and of course cherries—you’re most of the way to a really good sauce to pair with pork chops, a roast duck, lamb, or turkey.  Could you have a 5 course cherry dinner? Why not!

Sour Cherry Gin Slings
Pit some cherries, cook with as little sugar as you can get away with, strain, and that’s a magical elixir—add it to lemonade, or put it in a gin sling.  Summer perfection.

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