Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl's Top 5 Scrappy Recipes for Thrift-Lovers

Save money, eat great food. It's a win-win!

Off The Menu with Dara Grumdahl
December 01, 2018 - 9:27 am

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Banana Peel Cake
Lindsey-Jean Hard says that she loved this recipe long before she started really thinking about cooking with scraps, because her grandma made it. Anyone else grow up eating banana-peel cake? It seems like a cool, unusual flavor.

Roasted beet salad with beet greens and feta 
Beet greens and beets cook at different rates, but once you accept that, they really go terrifically well together. I love this recipe.  Why do beets and chevre, when you can do beets and feta?

Belgian Carbonnade with that beer you just don’t love
Ever buy some beer, and you’re just not feeling it? Don’t throw it out! Boil it with beef into some carbonnade, that is, beef stew made with beer.

Stone Soup
I couldn’t find exactly the right recipe, but I have a friend who basically takes all the bin-ends in her cooler, potatoes, onions, carrots, and literally anything else, pours them in a crockpot with a couple of cans of V8, and somehow makes soup. It really works. This Cabbage Roll soup is close to the heart of it, but if you’ve got stuff, and also tomato juice, you’re on your way to making soup out of nothing.

Brunch Strata, for all your cheese-ends and stale-bread
Do you have a lot of bits and bobs of bread and cheese, and a hankering to do something fab with them? Get some cream and eggs, and you’re most of the way to a good strata.