Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl's Top 5 Summer Squash Recipes

They're heaped up at the farmer's markets so get your hands on some this weekend

Off The Menu with Dara Grumdahl
July 13, 2018 - 9:01 am

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Summer squash, the also known as the yellow zucchini, is delicious and really, really good for you. There was a study done by the National Institute of Health that found there’s something in it that helps reduce stomach cancer, boosts immunity, and fights depression. That’s a lot of miracles for a little yellow vegetable that looks, from a good distance, like a banana! And they’re heaped up at the farmers’ markets this week, so indulge!

Sichuan Summer Squash Pickles Recipe
You know I’m a refrigerator pickle obsessive, and this is the easiest, the best, the fastest way to turn summer squash into something special. Just take vinegar, a couple star anise stars, some red pepper flakes, and a little sugar—that’s all. So great with a beer. 

Sean Brock’s Ratatouille
Want the ratatouille recipe of one of the best chefs in the American South? Of course you do so here it is, and thank you Sean Brock.  Herbs, balsamic, zucchini, a little olive oil, just roast on a pan in the oven. You can serve it with risotto, or just heap it on top of grilled bread or simply stick it next to a pork chop or beer can chicken.

Summer Squash Banana Bread (gluten and dairy free!) 
I know a lot of you only want to bake, and if you’ve made enough of your favorite zucchini bread, why not try a summer squash banana bread?  It’s from the most excellent cookbook by Heartbeet Kitchen blogger Amanda Paa. 

Aaron Deal’s Puréed Summer Squash Soup
Blend it!  If you’ve got some less than perfect summer squash your winning strategy is: Your blender! Make a triple batch and take it to work for lunch. 

The Kitchn’s Baked Summer Squash
I have not been feeling like turning on my oven, but if you can stand it, do this. Take a lot of summer squash. Cut them into thin discs. Place in an oven-safe pan with grated parmesan, butter, some bread crumbs, salt, pepper. Bake till brown and bubbly.  

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