Daudt Says Dayton's Plan Gives Funds to Schools that Don't Need It

"He's trying to give money to everyone."

Steve Simpson
May 17, 2018 - 9:37 am

Minnesota Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt says Governor Dayton's request for millions of dollars for what he calls "emergency funding" for the state's schools is not necessary.

Appearing on the WCCO Morning News with Dave Lee, Daudt said the legislature did not approve Dayton's request for 138 million dollars because he waited until the "11th hour" to propose it.

He also says the plan gives money to every school whether they need it or not.

"It's really just a handful of schools that are in a situation where they are facing a deficit," Daudt said. "No one is in a statutory structural deficit, but we know of a few schools that could use a little bit of extra money. But rather than help just them, he's trying to give money to everyone." 

Dayton said earlier this week that he expanded the funding because otherwise it would have been concentrated in the metro. The governor's office says 59 districts are at risk of cutting programs and teachers. As for Daudt's charge of waiting too long in the session to propose the funding, Dayton says his proposal was released the same day the Senate unveiled their tax bill. 

See Dayton's interview on WCCO Radio here.

Listen to the full audio below: