Dave Lee reflects on Minnesota Hospital at the State Fair — and shares a favorite show

He shares a past rendition featuring Herb Carneal

The WCCO Morning News with Dave Lee
August 24, 2018 - 10:02 am

Today Dave Lee performed another rendition of Minnesota Hospital at the state fair. Here, he reflects on the long-standing WCCO Radio tradition and shares one his favorite shows.  

When I started at WCCO Radio, the majority of the time was with Boone and Erickson early on weekday mornings.  When Charlie Boone was gone, I would fill in for him, when Roger Erickson was out I would do the same thing.  Because they each had around 6-8 weeks of vacation, it was a significant amount of fill-in time.   Every Friday morning they did a bit called Minnesota Hospital and by default, it became a part of the routine of filling in on Fridays.  

WCCO Radio's Mike Lynch and Adam Carter perform in Minnesota Hospital

It was and remains a parody of soap operas. Minnesota Hospital is based on current topics and newsmakers but in a hospital setting.  When Boone and Ericson retired in the 1990's we kept it going, every first Friday at the State Fair.   It's a bit that has survived for over 50 years now. 

The crowds are an important part of the broadcast, as much as the performers and you can hear that in this attached episode from 1989.


It features the Twins Hall Of Fame radio voices of Herb Carneal and John Gordon. Also Paul Flatley, the former Minnesota Viking and Gopher Radio Analyst on WCCO, who was Ray Christenson's sidekick for many years.   Roger asked me to write it for the fair that year and this was my debut.  It also features our former farm director, Roger Strom and meteorologist, Karen Filloon.  

Listen now to Minnesota Hospital — the continuing saga of our dedicated medical men and women who help make Minnesota one of the best states to get sick in.