Dean Phillips responds to Rep. Eric Paulsen’s attack ad on WCCO Radio

“Every entity and organization I’ve ever managed or built I’ve provided health care to full-time employees."

Edgar Linares
September 11, 2018 - 7:59 pm

Courtesy of Phillips for Congress

The political ads running on social media and television attack Democratic challenger Dean Phillips’ business background and wealth. He’s facing Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Eden Prairie) in Minnesota’s third congressional district.

The ad released by Paulsen’s campaign says the following: “Who’s Dean Phillips? He’s businessman who inherited his millions. Phillips repeatedly failed to pay his own business taxes on time, time after time. Even worse Phillips claims health care is a ‘moral right’. But he didn’t provide it to workers at his coffee shop because he said he wouldn’t make money. Now he’s lying to cover it all up. That’s dishonest Dean Phillips, another shady business man who would make things worse."

Phillips said the ad didn’t surprise him and has in fact, inspired him.

“Most of all, it inspired thousands of people who find it equally appalling, to support this effort to start doing things differently,” said Phillips.

When asked about the accuracy of the ad, where it says he didn’t give coffee shop workers health care benefits, he responded saying the ad was a ”lie”.

“Every entity and organization I’ve ever managed or built I’ve provided health care to full-time employees,” said Phillips. “In the very beginning before we had a coffee shop we had three partners, we all had health insurance that we had individually. So we had no full-time employees.”

Phillips said once Penny’s coffee shop had full-time employees he created a plan to pay 50 percent of their premiums. He also said he pays his current part-time employees $15 minimum wage, plus tips, so they could afford to buy insurance on the individual markets.

WCCO Radio has reached out to Rep. Erik Paulsen’s campaign to respond to Phillips’ claims that the ad is misleading, we’re waiting for a response.