Dehn: Weekend shootings evidence of work needed to address gun violence

Rep. Dehn: "It's also an issue of stable housing, opportunities for employment."

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September 10, 2018 - 8:10 am
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Even with a decrease in violent crime in the metro, this past weekend was a somber reminder of the scourge of gun violence.

Four people died in shootings in three days in Minneapolis. One person suffered a fatal gunshot wound in St. Paul, as well.

Northside resident, State DFL Rep. Ray Dehn, tells Steve Simpson on the WCCO Morning News that concentrated poverty and trauma within the community play a role.

"This isn't just an issue of crime, policing, and public safety," he said. "It's also an issue of stable housing, opportunities for employment."

Dehn says some young people turn quickly to guns to solve a dispute and residents "know there are a lot of guns in the community."

He says the crime statistics are encouraging, but even one gun-related death is too many.

"The thing is, when a family member, friend or someone you love is is shot down, it doesn't really matter what the statistic is, because ultimately that impacts you and your life directly," he said. "Whether it's down or not, clearly this weekend shows we still have a lot of work to do."

The most recent fatal shooting was Sunday morning at the Emerson Food Market. One person is in custody.

The other two Minneapolis shootings happened Friday night. One man was found dead on a sidewalk outside a bar and three people were wounded. Earlier that night, a man was found with a fatal gunshot wound in a car.

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