DFL takes control of the Minnesota House as Republicans faced a 'tornado in the suburbs'

"That just shows the Democrat energy"

The Chad Hartman Show
November 07, 2018 - 4:40 am

The DFL took control of the Minnesota House by picking up 18 seats in Tuesday's election — well more than the 11 needed to swing the balance of power. 

The primary driver: strong Democratic turnout, especially in the suburbs. For Chas Anderson, a Republican political analyst, the shift shouldn't be called a "blue wave," because the GOP was able to comfortably hold on to seats in rural Minnesota, even ones that were hotly contested in past elections. 

The suburbs proved to be a different story, however.  

 "They (Republicans) faced a tornado in the suburbs and it was just too much for them to keep control of the house," Anderson told WCCO's Chad Hartman on Tuesday night. "It was really the battle in the suburbs and they lost too many seats."
 WCCO Political Analyst Blois Olson said that the results caught both parties by surprise — Republicans thought that they would hold the majority by two or three seats, he said, but Democrats also didn't think they'd have such see such significant gains. 
 Olso pointed to other DFL victories — including Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar pulling in just over 60 percent in her race versus the GOP's Jim Newberger — to indicate the underlying cause. 
 "I didn't think in this partisan environment, Amy Klobuchar would stay over 60... but that just shows the Democrat energy," he said. 

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