So what’s the difference between Ellison and Kavanaugh? GOP candidate gives his take

"These people that are doing this care about power and politics, they don't care about the truth or justice or women."

Jared Goyette
October 04, 2018 - 5:30 pm

Jared Goyette, WCCO Radio


The GOP”s candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, Doug Wardlow, was in the WCCO Radio studio Tuesday to explain his candidacy and to criticize the results of a DFL commissioned investigation into domestic assault allegations against his rival Keith Ellison.

The Ellison report came out just as the national political spotlight was on Dr. Blasey Ford’s allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. This has created a moment of what can seem like cognitive dissonance — on the national level, Democrats are pleading with the public to believe a woman’s allegations against a man in a position of power, while Republicans were insisting that the story cannot be corroborated. Yet, at the state level, when it comes to Ellison, the talking points of each party are very similar, just reversed.

Wardlow took a moment after his in-studio appearance to explain what he saw as the key differences between the two cases. Some situational context: This post-interview wasn’t scheduled, and he had another appointment, so our time was limited. He knew the focus going into it and said he understood why the issue warranted further discussion. The transcript and audio are below.

Jared Goyette: You basically were saying that national and state Democrats are going by their party's and political interests on a national level with Kavanaugh, on the local level as it refers to Keith Ellison.

Doug Wardlow: Yes.

Jared Goyette: Couldn't an observer say that the exact same thing of you, as you are taking the opposite stance in each case?

Doug Wardlow: No, because when I have a consistent standard applying here, when you have substantiated allegations and those allegations should then be trusted and once they're substantiated with respect to Dr. Ford at the national level, there's no substantiation right now. With respect to Keith Ellison, you're talking about conduct that's much more recent. We have multiple kinds of substantiation and collaboration. We have a testamentary evidence of her son. We have medical records. This was documentary evidence. We have doctor's writing in their notes about what Karen Monahan told them close to the time of the abuse, about the abuse. So there's the allegations are substantiated and Karen Monahan is thus very credible, extremely credible. And so I don't think that anyone can turn a blind eye to Karen Monahan's very valid allegations and so it's a different situation.

Jared Goyette: So, what is your impression of Dr. Ford's testimony?

Doug Wardlow: I think Dr. Ford is, is quite credible, but I think that there isn't substantiation, there just isn't, and it's in the conduct is alleged is so old, 36 years ago. It's difficult to come to a conclusion that national Democrats are coming through, that he shouldn't be on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Jared Goyette: And what conclusion did you come here after hearing her and his testimony?

Doug Wardlow: After hearing both of it? I think it's, it's, it's abundantly clear that Judge Kavanaugh's is eminently qualified and has led an exemplary life,  and the service to his country. And I think that he would be a fantastic judge.

Jared Goyette: Do you think Dr. Ford is lying?

Doug Wardlow: No, I don't think Dr Ford is lying. I think that she might be mistaken about identity if something terrible, it seems did happen to her, but you know, people remember things differently later. There are lots of studies that show how a memory isn't quite as reliable as people might think it is. So I think that something bad happened to her.

Jared Goyette: Wouldn't that also apply to Kavanaugh and his memory?

Doug Wardlow: Well, Judge Kavanaugh's, I mean this is the first time that any allegation has been made against Judge Kavanaugh, you know, for a very long time and ended, it looks like it looks to be very politically motivated. You know, Dianne Feinstein's office sitting on the letter of record...

Jared Goyette: Do you think Blasey Ford was politically motivated?

Doug Wardlow: No, I don't think she's politically motivated. But I think the Democrats are manipulating her and I think that she is also a victim here of the Democrats' political manipulation. And so I think that the same with Karen Monohan. So both of these women are being manipulated for political purposes. So these people that are doing this care about power and politics, they don't care about the truth or justice or women.