Downtown Minneapolis Council looks to keep Nicollet Mall safe

Susie Jones
August 05, 2020 - 3:14 pm

Since COVID 19 hit Minnesota, Downtown Minneapolis has changed a lot.  Many people who work downtown are now working from home. In that void, Nicollet Mall has become somewhat of a gathering spot for the homeless and panhandlers.

The stretch from 8th to Grant has become challenging,” said Steve Cramer, president and CEO of the Minneapolis Downtown Council.

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He said from now through Labor Day they will have a concentrated effort underway, with organizations like MAD DADS and Youthlink and others to address the needs of the people.

“Because it wasn’t feeling so safe,” he said

Outside of Target on 9th, several employees of MAD DADS’s stood ready to help.

“We are trying to clean up the block a little bit,” said Lakeadra Aaron. “We are trying to stop the loitering in front of the businesses, stop some of the drinking, breaking up fights.”

But they are also helping people to connect with resources.

“It’s awesome that they are trying to help,” said Michelle White. She just moved her family to Minneapolis from Iowa and they are staying at the Salvation Army.  She was able to sign up for housing assistance, and for job opportunities.

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