Edina Art Fair welcomes thousands

"It's where people like come to find designs to put into interior decoration."

Sloane Martin
June 01, 2018 - 2:23 pm

by Sloane Martin


The 52nd annual Edina Art Fair is underway at 50th and France,  yet another signal that festival season is in full swing. 

Organizers are expecting up to a quarter million people.

"It's celebrating artists, It's also a way to create other events, it's like a fundraiser," said Rachel Theleman, executive director of the Edina Art Fair. "It's a fundraiser for the area. That's one way we are able to offer so many free events throughout the year."

About half of the nearly 300 artists are new and the rest are returning, so loyal attendees can keep up with their favorite artists and discover new ones.

"This is our first-time," said Jane Arseniadis of Florida, who was there with her husband and two grandkids. "They have a kid zone and there were a lot of activities for young children, pre-schoolers, and we like that a lot. Plus there's a lot for adults to see too, the art work it's beautiful. We'll have to come again because we haven't seen everything."

Patrick McCarty with Torch and Timber, Co. makes Minnesota and Wisconsin-themed industrial art with metal and wood. He says the Edina Art Fair is a good match to get exposure and make sales.

"We looked at all the art fairs in Minnesota, we didn't want to do too much, but this looks like the right market for us," said McCarty. "It's where people come to find designs to put into interior decoration, and that type of thing. Where as it feels like the Uptown Art Fair is more like a concert and food fest and an art show. And this kind of narrows the market a little bit and feels like the right niche market for our higher-end stuff."

The theme this year is "Empowering Artistic Females." Temporary tattoos are being sold with proceeds going to the organization Ready for Success.

There's a stage with entertainment, food trucks, two beer garden areas and kids activities.

It runs until Sunday and organizers suggest using the free shuttle at Southdale Mall to get there.