Keith Ellison admits there were times he thought he would lose

AG-elect reflects on campaign, abuse allegations, and Jeff Sessions

Adam Carter
November 07, 2018 - 3:37 pm

Just hours after he was elected Minnesota Attorney General, a reflective Keith Ellison admits he was convinced he was going to lose that race.

Ellison, who defeated Republican Doug Wardlow Tuesday by nearly 100,000 votes, was asked by WCCO's Chad Hartman if there were times during the campaign that he thought he would lose the race.

"Yes, there were," Ellison said. "There were some tough moments in the last several months as everybody in the United States knows."

Ellison is referring to claims of physical and verbal abuse by a former girlfriend, Karen Monahan. Hartman asked Ellison if he'd have done anything differently in relation to the allegations.

"When you're in a situation like the one I was in, you cooperate, you answer the questions, you be honest, and you put your faith in the process."

News broke Wednesday afternoon that President Trump had asked for and received the resignation of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"(President) Trump is essentially persecuting (Sessions) him because he did the right thing," Ellison said of Sessions' decision to recuse himself in the Russia investigation.

Ellison says he believes Trump is looking to end the Robert Mueller investigation.

"I think he's already trying to do it. I think this is definitive step in that direction. But now he's going to have to contend with a very curious House of Representatives Oversight Committee."

Ellison was referring to the fact that the US House will once again be under control of Democrats.

Here's WCCO Chad Hartman's full interview with Minnesota Attorney General-elect Keith Ellison

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