Explosion Reported At Goodwill Store In Austin

One Man Injured

March 20, 2018 - 8:17 pm

AUSTIN (KJCE) -- First responders are working a newly reported explosion in southwest Austin Tuesday evening.

Austin-Travis County EMS says the incident was reported at 7:02 p.m. at the Goodwill store at 9801 Brodie Lane, located at the corner of Brodie & Slaughter Lane. Medics say one male in his 30s was transported to South Austin Medical Center with serious, non-life-threatening injuries.

Sources tell CBS News that the explosive device was reportedly placed in a box that had been left at the drop off site.

Apparently a male in his 30s has potentially serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. He was rushed to the St. David Medical Center, according to CBS affiliate KEYE-TV.

CBS News has learned that the explosive device was inside package and it went off at a Goodwill donation dropoff location/store.

The explosive device was left in a box at the location, CBS News' senior investigative producer Pat Milton reports. The location is about 3 miles south of a FedEx store where another bomb incident happened earlier Tuesday.

KEYE-TV reporter captured video of authorities rushing to the scene:

Investigators are pursuing a suspected serial bomber in the Texas capital  area. Earlier Tuesday, they responded to a FedEx shipping center near San Antonio where a package exploded on a conveyor belt in the middle of the night and caused minor injuries to a worker. Although the latest blast did not inflict serious harm, it added to the widening fear of more strikes like those that have already killed two people and badly wounded four others.

If Tuesday evening's explosion is linked to the earlier ones, it will be the sixth one to occur this month.