Famous pedestrian bridge set for demolition

Photographers rush to get final shots before it's knocked down

Steve Simpson
June 14, 2018 - 9:43 am
Shot from 24th Avenue pedestrian bridge on its final day

Sloane Martin/WCCO Radio


Thursday is the last chance to grab a picture or two from the famous East 24th Street pedestrian bridge just south of downtown Minneapolis that has been so popular with photographers over the years.

The bridge is set to be demolished beginning on Friday to make way for a brand new one.  It will be more accessible, but 20-feet lower, so the shot won't be the same once it reopens in 2021.

Right now it's covered in graffiti and cracks and concrete is crumbling away in spots.

Photographer Matt Reed came out for one last sunrise on Thursday morning to see the light reflecting off the skyscrapers. "There's just something about this shot, being elevated, being on par, on the same level with the city. It's just hard to compare with anything else," Reed said.

Rachel Blanford lives in the Whittier neighborhood and frequently uses her bike and public transportation to get to work. She took a detour to get one last look Thursday morning.  "I've always loved coming across this bridge and the views that it affords. I'm glad they're going to put something back in its place when the time comes, but in the meantime, I'm going to miss it," Blanford said.

The newly rebuilt Franklin Avenue bridge a few blocks north recently opened to bikes, pedestrians and westbound traffic. The projects are all part of the massive 3-year 35W renovation project from the Crosstown to Downtown.

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