Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl's Top 5 Feel-Better Soups

Feeling sick? You're not alone. Let's get some soup in you!

Off The Menu with Dara Grumdahl
October 11, 2019 - 9:54 am

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Everybody in my office has a cold this week.  Is that what happens the same time this year, every year? Well, you can feel better by making yourself some soup! 

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Kimchi Miso Ramen
Are you one of those people who believe in a good sinus-clearing super-spicy soup? If so, get yourself a jar of the chili-rich pickles known as kimchi, boil up some noodles, and you’ll be breathing through your nose in no time. Maybe.

Ham Hock and Split Pea Soup
There’s nothing easier than split pea soup – I like to make it in a slow cooker, because the kids can stir it up and then they’re very impressed with their cooking skills. While many of us know that split pea soup is good, probably not that many people know it’s a nutrition powerhouse, loaded with fiber and Vitamin A. If you want to be very thrifty, and I think you do want to do that, make plans to throw your Easter ham-bone in the freezer this year, along with some ham scraps, and make soup a couple weeks after the holiday.

Portuguese Bread and Garlic Soup
Garlic is one of the world’s best natural anti-bacterials, and my grandma Kay was a firm believer in the cold remedy of a couple of cloves of garlic in your honey-lemon tea. If that’s too intense for you, how about a little Portuguese bread and garlic soup? It’ll fix up your vegetarian soul.

Beef Broth
All the athletes, all the new age health practictioners, everybody is all about bone broth these days.  Bone broth. In the olden days we called it soup! It’s what happens when you cook bones in water with a little vinegar, which liberates the gelatin, the chondroitin (con-DROY-tin) and glucosamine which people are always taking in pill form to make their joints stop hurting. Are you in the mood to do something thrifty and old fashioned which makes you feel better? Also: this is how the Lakers eat!

Chicken Soup!
They don’t call it Jewish penicillin for nothing. Chicken soup has been scientifically proven to end colds faster, fight flu, clear up congestion, boost antibody and white blood cell counts—did you think your grandma was wrong? She was not wrong!  I picked a recipe from Ina Garten because she uses parsnips, which gives the broth an added sweetness that I like, but if you don’t care parsnips, just leave them out.  Also, this recipe uses three chickens and will give you enough stock to get you to spring. Also also: Save your rotisserie chicken, roast chicken, and deep fried turkey carcasses, and boil the bones with water and whatever wilty veggies you have in your crisper drawer.  It’s good for you! Cold season is stretching before us like an endless tundra. You will need that soup!

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