Excessive heat warning today as mercury pushes toward 100 degrees

Risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke is high

Paul Douglas
May 28, 2018 - 11:18 am
Heat Wave



Excessive Heat Warnings Posted for Twin Cities Metro. With a predicted air temperature of 95-100 °F by late afternoon, heat indices are forecast to reach 105 °F in some urban communities later today, prompting the issuance of an Excessive Heat Warning. The risk of heat exhaustion and (sometimes fatal) heat stroke will be very high, especially within 30 miles of the Twin Cities, where the "urban heat island" will add about 5-10 °F to heat values.

Those most susceptible to heat ailments include infants, the elderly, the overweight, and people with chronic health conditions. Temperatures begin to cool off a bit by midweek — today should be the hottest day of the week (and possibly the entire summer season).

Excessive Heat Warning
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Heat Exhaustion vs. Heat Stroke. Heat exhaustion is unpleasant, but heat stroke can be fatal if not caught in time. The Sacramento office of the National Weather Service has a helpful graphic to explain the difference.

Heat Exhaustion vs Heat Stroke

Potentially Record-Setting Heat. Today's all-time record high at MSP is 98F set in 1934. If we do reach 100F later today it would be the earliest 100-degree temperature on record in the Twin Cities. The last time the metro area hit 100F was back in 2012.

Record Territory. There's a growing chance that we are living through the hottest May on record for the Twin Cities — similar heat to May, 1934, during the Dust Bowl Years. Who would have predicted this last month, when 26.1" snow fell at MSP and we were knee to hip-deep in drifts? I sure didn't.

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Extreme July-like heat capable of setting records grips the Upper Midwest, with the Twin Cities and suburbs feeling the full effects of severe heat today. Extreme heat claims an average of 175 lives in the USA every year. Take the warnings and precautionary statements seriously today — many people will be impacted by the combination of excessive heat and humidity.