Former Gopher reacts to report Big Ten Football is cancelled due to COVID

Omar Douglas is father of current Gopher Demetrius Douglas

Sports To The Max with Mike Max
August 10, 2020 - 1:18 pm

Many people are now coming to grips with the realization that there will be no Big Ten football season this fall.  Several reports indicate that presidents of 12 of the 14 conference schools, including Minnesota, voted to cancel the upcoming season. 

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Omar Douglas played for the Gophers in the early 1990's, and his son Demetrius is now a wide receiver on the current Gopher team.  He says there are too many unknowns to continue right now.  Douglas now lives in Portland and works for Nike, and he says that they are up against the time where a decision had to be made.  He spoke to News Talk 830 WCCO's Mike Max on the Chad Hartman Show Monday.  

"They want to find a place of psychological safety, physical safety, while also understanding the ecomonic implications.  I think the operational logistics for executing a season, they just didn't have an answer for.  When you don't have those logistics laid down, you don't have a choice."  

While the official statements coming from the Big Ten have said school presidents have yet to hold a formal vote, several reports from sources inside the conference are saying the majority of schools support postponing the entire fall sports season.  There is also a report the PAC-12 is in a similar space, with other Power Five conferences expected to follow suit.

President Trump has also weighed in saying he supports playing this fall.  

Douglas spoke about what it means to have a son playing college football right now, and he says like most things are during this pandemic, it's a guessing game.

"I can say I did have confidence in the University as my son was on campus, in terms of the protocols they were putting in place to keep him safe and healthy while he was there," Douglas told Mike Max. "But we did still need to learn about what was going to happen come the season.  If a student athlete tests positive for COVID, again the operational aspects of it are daunting.  Are you going to have large swaths of players and teams sitting out for fourteen days during the season?"

Douglas says he doesn't yet know if his son will remain on campus or return home for distance-learning this fall.  

"We'll find out more in the upcoming day or so, on how they want to move forward with it.  These are student-athletes.  So, what happens with them on campus?  How are classes going to be handled?  There are a lot of things we don't know yet."

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