Laura Oakes' One Cool Thing: Theatre Elision

Meet the people behind this up-and-coming musical theater in the Twin Cities

Laura Oakes
October 31, 2019 - 3:29 pm

(Photo Courtesy of the Theater Elision)


This week, we're starting a new program with our Laura Oakes called "One Cool Thing".  She explains what it is, and introduces you to her first installment...Theatre Elision's "Ghost Quartet."  

Q: So what is "One Cool Thing?"

A: One Cool Thing is a new segment on The WCCO Morning News with Dave Lee airing Fridays at 7:50am. The plan is to help folks who are looking for something cool, fun, and perhaps new to do over the weekend. There's so much happening in the Twin Cities and it would be impossible to list everything, so I've decided to choose ONE Cool Thing to focus on each week. Sometimes it will be a place, show or activity they're familiar with, but many times it will be something slightly obscure, yet interesting and a little different.

Q: What's your One Cool Thing for this week?

A: We're starting this off with a little-known, yet up-and-coming musical theater in the Twin Cities. Theatre Elision ( is particularly special in my opinion because it is making a concerted effort to employ more women actors, by producing shows where at least half of the roles are female. Theatre Elision's founders believe there's been an historical imbalance when it comes to this. What I also like about their philosophy is that they’re committed to paying their actors well--whether they're union or non-union. To be able to afford this, Elision’s set and costume budgets are more modest than what you will see in the larger, more prominent theaters in town.

(Photo Courtesy of the Theater Elision)

Q: What is Theatre Elision performing this weekend?

A: The show is called "Ghost Quartet." It's an offbeat chamber musical that has been Elision's biggest hit over the past three years they've been in business. It's a show written by Tony Award-nominated Dave Malloy. To explain it would be futile. It's a bizarre story about a woman named Rose, who has been betrayed by her lover with her own sister. The lover is an astronomer who lives in a treehouse, by the way. Then an evil bear gets involved to help Rose get a little vengeance, but the bear has a little agenda of his own. There is also whiskey involved, including whiskey for the audience, and a disturbing subway scene. Oh--and this story spans seven centuries. So yes, it's weird, but in a delightful way that audiences obviously seem to love. 

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(Photo Courtesy of the Theater Elision)
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