More wintry weather on the way this week for Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

Two more waves of snow lining up into Saturday, with plenty of cold between

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January 14, 2020 - 8:26 am
Snow, Minneapolis

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Here's the good news.  We're past the halfway point of winter.  From a climate standpoint at least.  

But Minnesota's winter is about to attack in waves.  Overnight snow and mixed precipitation gave us a slick commute Tuesday morning.  That will give way to a pretty nice, and mild, Tuesday, but with falling temps into the teens later in the day.  Call it a prelude to the fun.  

The waves come in like this:

Snow Wednesday.  Really cold Thursday.  Potentially (very) plowable snow Friday into Saturday AM.  Then more cold.  Here's what to look out for.

Wednesday could be another tough drive into work.  Some morning snow kicks in right as the morning commute begins.  Expect 1-3 inches through early afternoon.

Then, as WCCO Meteorologist Mike Lynch is describing it, "butt-kicking cold on Thursday."  We'll have a high of 5 above.  The good news is just light winds which will keep wind chills out of the really dangerous zone.  

Friday could be the main event, but Mike Lynch is saying it's still a bit unknown where this snow event will take place.  "Maybe 6-8 inches of snow.  That's a little more iffy now, but it looks like some areas are going to see heavy snow, most likely the Twin Cities."  The National Weather Service is targeting Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin at this point.  

Stay with WCCO and our meteorologists Mike Lynch and Paul Douglas for the lastest updates the rest of this week.  

As that snow tapers Saturday morning, we get another blast of cold air with Saturday and Sunday highs barely getting out of the single digits. Martin Luther King Day looks like a chilly one too, with a high of 9.  

If you're heading south of Minnesota Friday into Saturday, look out for a mix of precipitation.  Nebraska, portions of Iowa and Illinois could see very icy conditions.  

We'll leave you on a positive note, courtesy of WCCO's Paul Douglas:  
"Consider this: across Minnesota January 12-18 is the midpoint of winter. In theory, average temperatures start to rise again by late January. In theory."


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