St. Paul Police Chief responds to increased violence in capital city

Three reported homicides have happened since Monday afternoon

Al Schoch
September 10, 2019 - 8:45 am
Saint Paul police department sign



Saint Paul police chief Todd Axtell is responding to the latest rash of violence in Minnesota’s capital city.

In a message posted on his personal website, Chief Axtell called last night one of the most violent he has witnessed in his law enforcement career.

He asked for prayers for the families of the victims, and said everyone in the Saint Paul police department is working tirelessly, but are also exhausted from working extraordinary hours. Axtell also says he is meeting with his executive team this morning to make sure Saint Paul police resources are aligned in an effort to apprehend those responsible and to prevent any further violence.

The chief says he’ll announce any further actions later Tuesday.

Police in Saint Paul have made one arrest following three reported homicides that have happened since Monday afternoon.

The one arrest came after a man was shot in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood while trying to help people involved in a multi-car crash. Police say the suspect was in one of the cars that collided near Edgerton and Case. 

Early Tuesday morning, a man was fatally shot in the Frogtown neighbhorhood, near University and Marion. That intersection is about three blocks west of the state capitol building.

Monday afternoon, an 18-year-old man who was shot near Rice and Winnipeg, and later died despite life-saving efforts when the victim made his way to a grocery store.

This makes five reported homicides in Saint Paul in the past week, and 19 for 2019. Saint Paul police spokesman says they have all hands on deck trying to solve these cases and prevent more violence from happening in Minnesota’s capital city.

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