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US Bank Stadium to get curtains for Final Four

Darkening material guarantees equal conditions for day and night games

June 29, 2018 - 5:21 am

How much would you pay for curtains?  That is, curtains that'll cover the side and roof of a 70,000 seat stadium.

Would you believe $5.2 million?

It's not for aesthetics. It's to block out the sun at US Bank Stadium during the men's basketball Final Four in April 6-8. 

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority Thursday hired two companies to make black-out material to drape over the huge glass windows at the west end of the stadium, and darkened panels to cover windows in the roof of the stadium. 

It's required by the Final Four to give teams fair playing ground when they are practicing and playing.

"Some games will be played during the day and others in the evening," said Authority chair Michael Vekich.

The drapes will be used other events.

"It is reusable," said Vekich. "It's flexible, meaning an event may not want the full solution of 100 percent. They may want portions of it."

The cost of the project comes out of the of the sports facilities authority budget. It covers the initial installation and first time the material is taken down.

Work to install the curtain's attachments starts in July, with the fabric arriving on site later in the year.  Crews will start hanging the curtains in late February and early March.

Vekich said they need to have the project finished by March 14, 2019, even though the Final Four takes place in early April.