It is deer hunting season

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It's on.

Firearms deer hunting season underway in Minnesota

November 03, 2018 - 9:47 am

Firearms deer hunting season is underway in Minnesota.  

An estimated half-a-million people are donning the blaze orange and headed out into the woods and fields of the state.  

DNR officials say Minnesota's deer population is strong, and that the hunting season is critical for keeping those numbers at manageable levels.  

"Hunters are required to register every deer that they harvest, and let us know where they took it and where it was," said Erik Thorson, acting big game program leader. "That gets factored in to our counting system."

Those who harvest deer in central, north-central, and southeast Minnesota must have the deer tested for chronic wasting disease, with testing stations open all day.

The firearms deer season runs through November 11th in most of the state, and all the way through November 18th in some parts of Minnesota.