Ed Graff at school


Mpls. superintendent welcomes students on first day of school

Ed Graff chooses Jenny Lind school for first visit

August 27, 2018 - 9:29 am

The first day of school in the Minneapolis district means a visit to classroom buildings by the superintendent.

This year, Ed Graff felt it was appropriate to show up first at a certain elementary school.

At 7:30 sharp Monday morning, Graff was welcoming children from the bus to the front door of the Jenny Lind School in north Minneapolis.

It was this past June when three neighborhood kids were hurt when an SUV driven by a man being chased by police plowed into the school's playground.

"I felt it was really critical to be here first," said Graff, who also chatted with Jenny Lind's new principal, Pao Vue.

"Just with the incidents that have occurred over the past couple of months, I really wanted to make sure that we show support for our students and families and staff here."

Ed Graff shaking kids' hands

Monday begins Graff's third school year in Minneapolis.

"The focus we have right now   is to make sure students feel welcome, parents understand this is a safe environment for learning," he said. "We really want a positive start to this school year."

Graff is planning to visit as many schools as possible every week.

There are more than 30,000 students in the Minneapolis school district and nearly 2,400 teachers. 

Many students are finding new start and end times, which school officials saying could save the district $2 million.